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Poll 2012.06.24

European views regarding the Eurozone crisis

Following the Greek parliament elections, the results of the poll carried out by IFOP and Fiducial for le JDD, BILD, ABC and Corriere Della Sera show a somewhat split European public opinion regarding the Eurozone crisis. If the Greek debt is not saved, the risk of an escalation of the difficulties in the Eurozone is heavily identified in the four countries surveyed: Germany, France, Spain and Italy.
At the same time, the idea that the money loaned to Greece will never be repaid is a view of the majority in Europe, particularly in France and Germany (85% and 84% vs 72% and 65% in Spain and Italy) whereas the prognosis about the ability of Greece to reduce its debt and overcome its difficulties thanks to the help of Europe turns out to be fairly dark.
About this last point, the population of Spain and Italy, two countries facing big debt issues, are a bit more optimistic than those of Germany and France. Should Greece be unable to reduce its debt, the French and German people are clearly in favor of an exclusion from the Eurozone (65% and 78%) while the Spanish (51%) and the Italians (49%) have a more divided judgment, presumably because they fear facing the same situation if the economic position of their country does not improve.
Nevertheless, whatever the difficulties of the Eurozone and the pessimism of the populations, leaving the Eurozone and returning to national currencies is only an option supported by a minority of respondents in the 4 investigated countries (39% in Germany, 28% in Italy, 26% in France and 25% in Spain).

Sample of 1001 persons, representative of the French population aged 18 and over.
Sample of 1003 persons, representative of the German population aged 18 and over.
Sample of 976 persons, representative of the Spanish population aged 18 and over.
Sample of 967 persons, representative of the Italian population aged 18 and over.
Sample representativeness is based on the quota method (gender, age, profession respondent) after stratification by region.

Sample of 1001 .

Representativeness of the sample ensured by . The interviews took place online self-completion questionnaire (CAWI - Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) From june 18th to june 21st.


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