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Poll 2012.06.26

The support of Europeans for a UN military intervention in Syria

The European support for an armed engagement of the United Nations in Syria seems at first glance unequal: the Spanish (65%) and the French (52%) turn out to be predominantly in favor of such military intervention, contrary to their neighbours and their allies Germany (45%) and Italy (43%). In fact, the positioning difference between France and Germany or Italy is not so marked since 21% of the French are “totally in favor”, versus 18%, that is a score relatively close, for both of our neighbours. Spanish opinion distinguishes itself, as being more definitely in favor of an intervention under the aegis of the United Nations. The regional instability and uncertainty that hang over the outcome of the syrian conflict arouse Europeans’ suspicions, especially when engagement implies the presence of one’s own countries. Though, about two thirds of Italians (68%) and Germans (64%) don’t want their country to intervene, versus 58% of the French. Moreover, relativizing their support for a military engagement of the UN, 56% of Spanish would be opposed to an intervention of their own country.

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Representativeness of the sample ensured by . The interviews took place online self-completion questionnaire (CAWI - Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) du 18 au 21 juin 2012.


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