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Poll 2012.06.28

European views regarding the debt crisis in Europe

In the context of serious Euro crisis we are currently going through, 62% of the French, 64% of Germans, 61% of Italians and 74% of the Spanish consider rather good the fact that their country belongs to the European Union. Some results also show a convergence of European public opinions about various solutions or measures which are currently discussed: more than 80% of the respondents in each country support the principle of registration of the golden rule in the Constitution, between 68 and 75% support the possibility for the EU to manage temporarily the budget of a member country if the latter does not respect the criteria imposed. Moreover, the creation of a European tax on financial transactions is supported by a large majority, from 60% in Spain to 79% in France. But this survey also reveals centrifugal tendencies. The scenario of the collapse of the Eurozone (breakup between the North and the South) appears plausible to 75% of the Spanish, 70% of Germans and 67% of the French. Only Italians (58%) are a majority to think such an evolution is not possible, and this idea is growing in France (+5 points compared to last November) and in Germany (+7 points). Other evolution: the support for a financial help to Greece is decreasing, 47% (-12 points compared to June 2011) in France, 36% (-5 points) in Germany, 54% (-4 points) in Spain and 64% (-9 points) in Italy. Finally, the issue of Eurobonds and the pooling of a part of the debts of the countries is still opposing the South of Europe, in great demand (81% of support in Spain and 82% in Italy), France which is more torn (53% are in favor) and Germany is still very reluctant (41% are in favor) even if this idea has gained ground compared to last November: +6points in Germany et +12 in France.

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