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Poll 2013.01.14

Comparative view of Franco-German relations on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty

The aim of this survey, conducted in France and in Germany on behalf of the German Embassy in Paris, is to evaluate opinions and perceptions of Franco-German relations on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty.

A first observation concerns the favourable image each country has of its neighbour: 85% of French have a good image of Germany, while 87% of Germans have a positive image of our country. Similarly, 89% of French and 87% of Germans believe the existence of a special relationship between the two countries is mutually beneficial.
And in this context can be observed the existence on both sides of the Rhine (87% in France and 90% in Germany) of an equivalent and very significant proportion of people acknowledging the positive aspect of the Elysée Treaty 50 years on. While opinions are largely positive and routes for the furthering of Franco-German relations take shape (e.g. 7 out of 10 French and Germans are in favour of harmonization not only of labour laws but also of taxation, as well as the creation of a public Franco-German employment agency), the survey also brings to light the notion of partial imbalance between the two. While 86% of French consider the crisis has confirmed Germany as the dominant nation in Europe, the reciprocal view is held by only 58% of Germans. 75% of French also believe that Germany has taken the necessary steps to combat unemployment, against only 48% of Germans expressing this opinion with respect to our country, which appears as a model to be looked up to for 29% of them, whereas 63% of French (a difference of 34 points….) consider we should take inspiration from the example of the German economic and social model.
In this context, and to illustrate this imbalance, a large majority of Germans (72%, an increase of 10 points versus last June) believe that Germany should treat all its European partners equally, against only 18% in favour of a special relationship with France, whereas in France 45% (i.e. +27 points versus the response in Germany…) of our fellow citizens favour a special relationship and 44% declare they prefer France to treat all its partners equally.

Sample of 1302 .

Representativeness of the sample ensured by the quota method. The interviews took place online self-completion questionnaire (CAWI - Computer Assisted Web Interviewing) du 11 au 17 décembre 2012.

WITH:  Ambassade de la République Fédérale d'Allemagne à Paris

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