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Poll 2013.02.21

People’s relationship to internet around the world

In an increasingly connected society our relationship to technologies in general and to internet in particular impacts our lifestyles, our thinking, our relations with others, etc. and creates the setting specific to the award-winning innovations presented at the annual Netexplo Forum.

This study provides insight into the opinions of the general public regarding internet and its place in everyday life.
The topics treated are: the place and impact of internet in society, people’s relationship to internet in their private and professional lives, as well as perceptions and expectations regarding future developments in digital connection.

This research covers a selection of countries representative of the principal regions of the globe, with an emphasis on major emerging nations.

4282 interviews spread over 6 countries : France (653 individuals), United States (683), Brazil (657), India (812), China (840), South Africa (637).

Sample of 4282 internet users aged between 15 and 59..

Representativeness of the sample ensured by quotas method: sex, age and region.. The interviews took place online from 17th to 23rd January 2013.


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