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Communiqué de presse 16.06.2009

What is ‘navigating’ the future of food and taste in China?

‘Eating is the utmost important part of life’ , said by Confucius, the most famous philosopher in ancient China. During thousands of years, Chinese food has evolved to over 11 cuisines with significant taste differences across various regions. The growing Western and regional influence, the quick modernization of the Chinese society, and the long-lasting values and traditions still deep rooted in China all impact food culture and lead to very significant trends of cuisine and taste in the country. Ifop Asia explores deeply Chinese society, lifestyle and its evolution to come up with a whole picture of the present and future of food and taste in China. We aim at helping brands dig out the most prosperous opportunities to position their product in the Chinese “Food universe”, so as to maximize the potentiality for success in China.

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