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The new Chinese traveler is independent and looking for unique experiences

Over 700 million Chinese people travelled recently during “Super Golden Week” which combined the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, according to figures from the China Tourism Academy. And about half of them, or nearly 350 million, travelled by car or bus, generating all-time record traffic jams. Beyond this massive increase in scale, the face […]


When social and commerce merge

In March, the China Connect conference dedicated to Chinese digital trends was holding its 7th edition in Paris. The motto of this edition was « Crack the codes » i.e how to uncover the dynamics of a specific, fast moving market which is in many ways leading the West when it comes to digital habits and models. […]


The « Made in China » takes revenge

For a long time Chinese-made products were associated with low-cost and poor quality. The “toxic chairs” sold by French distributor, Conforama, gave stinging allergic rashes to some 400 customers. The “harmful dyes t-shirt” which sent a little girl in hospital stuck the knife deeper. Fed up with the scandals, the world’s second-largest economic power has […]